International Student Accommodation

Focus College can support our International students in their search for accomodation during their educational stay with us. To support us with a successful search for housing please inform us at least one to two months in advance of your travel to Canada.

Before obtaining housing

Focus College recommends that you wait until you receive your acceptance confirmation letter before starting your search for accommodations.

Housing information

Focus College can assist our students by guiding them on resources to help find accommodation prior to their arrival to Canada. 

We ask that students who would like our support with housing give us at least two months notice before your arriving to Canada. Housing is subject to availability and the sooner we know we can assist you with the resources so that your search to find housing is simplified.

Rental costs

Cost of rent depends on location, size of space and the condition of the home. Every housing lease or contract is different and may include or exclude certain items.  Usually electricity, Internet, TV and Phone are extra fees. It’s always best to start the housing search early. 

You can find shared accomodation around $650 – $850/month.

If you have any questions regarding housing contact or call us at 250-861-5808

Housing options

Some of the options you may want to consider for housing are:



This type of accommodate allows students to live with a local family. Students will have access to amenities of the home such as laundry, Internet and meals which are included in the homestay costs. Homestay families provide students the opportunity to experience local family life and culture. It’s also a great way to practice your English and be part of a family life away from your own family.

We can help you find shared housing with a roommate which will help you save money each month. We will require one to two months notice to be able to help you with your housing needs.


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