Advanced Certificate in Business

Program Description & HIGHLIGHTS

The Advanced Certificate in Business provides current insight into the main aspects of local and international business with a focus on business management and human resource management. It covers business culture and strategy, managing people in different sizes of organizations and in different departments such as marketing, economic issues, accounting, business law, and IT.

  • Develop suitable competencies to enter a range of administrative, commercial or managerial positions.
  • Prepare for progression to degree courses delivered by partner universities in different countries.
  • Develop skills for independent, life-long learning and working with others.
  • Develop and enhance transferable skills in planning, organizing, critical and evaluative thinking and be able to investigate business issues and problems in depth.
  • Develop intra/interpersonal skills relevant to a range of administrative, commercial or managerial positions in business organizations.
  • Develop communication and presentation skills.
  • Be able to adopt and innovative creative approach to their work and respond quickly to challenges posed by changes in the business environment.


  • school leavers
  • adult returners to education
  • individuals in employment who wish to enhance their career prospects
  • people who wish to start their own business

Career Opportunities

Admissions Requirement

  • Minimum grade 12 or equivalent Canadian qualification OR relevant experience or mature students.
  • In case of students from Non English speaking countries/territories, students will have to demonstrate their English proficiency at minimum IELTS Band level 6.0 OR equivalent. (In case of no proof of English proficiency or lower English proficiency level, students will have to take an English crash course at Focus College).


Offered at both Kelowna and Surrey campus.


Contact Focus College


One year full time. 


  • On campus delivery.
  • Students are required to maintain 80% attendance throughout the program.
  • Approximately 10-15 hours/week is required from students to be successful in this program.
  • In order to graduate, students must pass all units through the program with a grade of C or higher.


This course is designed to enable students to learn to work in a business setting. It provides tools to effectively work in and manage various roles in business, commercial and administration roles to build an effective organization.

This course provides students the knowledge and understanding of marketing and its importance in organizations. This unit is also designed to develop candidates’ understanding of the marketing mix in the context of products and services. This is an introductory unit which can be used by students who may wish to progress to more specialized marketing units.

Students are introduced to the fundamental issues in economics with an emphasis on the business environment. Students will learn about the basic economic problem and how the consumer and other economic agents address this problem. Students will be introduced to the operation of markets and actions that can be taken to help avoid market failure. The unit introduces the theory of National Income and the circular flow of income model.

Student can develop their knowledge and understanding in the preparation and use of accounting information within a business organization. Students will develop the skills required to prepare basic financial and management accounting reports. In addition, students will also develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to  interpret and use financial information for decision making.

Students will develop skills in analyzing, summarizing, evaluating, and producing complex written business information. It also develops skills in presenting and responding to complex oral business information. 

The Unit can be taken as part of a Group Award or as a stand-alone unit for the purposes of continued professional development. Work undertaken for the unit will be in a context appropriate to the learner’s Group Award or relevant to an individual’s vocational area/discipline.

This unit is designed to allow candidates to develop an understanding of spreadsheet design and how to use spreadsheet features and functions for practical and effective use. It is relevant to candidates wishing to develop their knowledge of spreadsheets as a tool to help provide solutions to common business problems.

Students will learn to use Information Technology (IT) systems and applications independently to support a range of information processing activities.  The unit is designed to develop a broad knowledge of the theoretical concepts, principles, boundaries and scope of IT applications.  These activities will be centered on using software applications packages to meet complex information requirements while paying attention to security and the needs of other users.

Students will learn to recognize and evaluate effective customer care within a relevant work environment. It allows candidates to analyze factors affecting customer care and to judge the effectiveness of a customer care strategy by applying them to the workplace. The Unit emphasizes that customer care is important and valuable to organizations and is critical to the work of all employees. 

This unit is designed to develop knowledge of the role of Human Resource Management as a key function within organizations and to develop understanding of the background to the development of the discipline of Human Resource Management. It introduces candidates to the activities that make up Human Resource Management and how these activities contribute to the success of an organization.

This Unit is designed to develop the skills required for the advanced use of presentation software, including a range of multi-media, and to apply these skills to deliver effective presentations. It would be suitable for candidates involved in preparing and delivering presentations.

This unit helps students take responsibility for their own learning and development. It provides a framework for the development of the personal and general skills and qualities which employers seek in the workplace and which are increasingly recognized as underpinning success in personal life, in citizenship and in lifelong learning.  The contexts of progression to employment, or from college to university, or developing core Skills, can be used.

This graded unit is designed to provide evidence that students have met the goals of the program:

  • Provide the competencies required by employers of those engaged in entry level administrative, managerial or commercial positions in organizations.
  • Develop and apply a range of vocational knowledge and skills in an integrated manner to the analysis of business situations.
  • Build on previously acquired transferable skills.
  • Adopt an innovative and creative approach to their work and be able to respond quickly to the challenges posed by changes in the business environment.

Advanced Business Diploma

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