Excel Level 2

Program Description & HIGHLIGHTS

This Microsoft® Excel 2016 Level 2  teaches the information worker how to work with intermediate or advanced features for business reports such as charts to show trends or patterns, what-if scenarios, or table and database functions. The information worker will also look at more functions to set up more complex calculations.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the successful student will develop and demonstrate ability to:

  • work with Microsoft Excel intermediate function
  • create and edit simple formulas using math operators and cell references
  • use commonly-used functions and conditional functions
  • use absolute and relative cell references
  • display and print formulas
  • format numbers and decimal places
  • enhance the worksheet using fonts, alignment, lines, borders, colors or patterns
  • use the Format Painter
  • clear cell contents and formatting
  • apply themes, styles, and conditional formatting
  • create and arrange worksheet windows
  • split and freeze panes
  • zoom in and out of worksheets
  • print and preview worksheets
  • use different workbook views
  • add and preview page breaks
  • change margins, orientation, or layout for printing a worksheet
  • set headers and footers for a worksheet
  • change Excel options
  • create, edit, format and print charts
  • create, customize, and remove Sparkline charts
  • insert, modify and format clip art images, pictures, shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt objects
  • sort data
  • use the AutoFilter
  • work with named ranges
  • create, modify or remove a hyperlink
  • use Office Backstage to share workbooks with others
  • Use headers & footers, page numbering
  • Work with charts & graphics

Admissions Requirement

Take course pre-requisite Excel Level 1


Offered at both Kelowna and Surrey campus.


Contact Focus College for pricing.


24 hours of classroom instruction plus exercises and project.

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