Your path to University

Each student’s education path is unique to their own personal goals. Focus College recognizes this and supports each student individually. You could be coming to Focus College from high school or looking to change your career and starting something new and may also be considering university. You can start at Focus College and then transfer to university if you wish or start your career right after completing your education with us.

If your goals are to transfer to university from Focus College then our accreditation with the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) ensures that our Advanced Diploma Programs follow international standards and support your with goals to transfer your credits to over 75 partner universities.

75 partnerned universities

Our Advanced Diploma Courses transfer to over 75 partnered universities across the world. 

Visit the university partnered listing and see which universities you can transfer to from Focus College.

Advanced Programs at Focus College that transfer to university

International Students wanting to transfer to Royal Roads University (RRU)

International students can get their two year Advanced Diploma at Focus College and then transfer their credits to Royal Roads University to complete their Bachelor's Program.

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