Sage50 Level 2

Learning Objectives

Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2017 – Level 2 teaches the student how to work with advanced functions and capabilities of Sage 50 Accounting. It is designed for computer users who are already familiar with accounting with work experience in the basic operations of Sage 50 Premium Accounting and/or have completed Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2017 Level 1.


Upon completion of this course the successful student will develop and demonstrate ability to:

  • use the Setup Wizard to set up your company data file using a chart of accounts template
  • set up the general ledger and  modify sales taxes and sales tax codes  enter the opening balances into each general ledger account
  • set up linked accounts
  • set up vendors and payables history 
  • set up customers and receivables history
  • enter inventory and services history
  • enter employees and payroll history
  • finish entering history
  • customize Sage 50 Accounting 
  • modify reports and forms
  • use the Deposit feature
  • set up the bank reconciliation
  • reconcile a bank account
  • produce bank reconciliation reports
  • create credit card accounts
  • set up credit cards for sales and purchases
  • account for sales on credit card
  • account for purchases on credit card
  • reconcile credit card statements
  • make credit card payments
  • reconcile Petty Cash 
  • use a debit card
  • add a password for the system administrator
  • change or delete a user password
  • remove security options from the data file 
  • activate the budget option 
    create, amend and update budgets 
  • set up projects
  • change the name of projects/departments
  • allocate expenses on general journal transactions and purchase transactions, and revenues on sales transactions 
  • understand Bill of Materials vs. Item Assembly
  • write off inventory
  • introduce new types of income and deductions 
  • set up for batch printing of paycheques 
  • generate payroll runs 
  • handle employee terminations, including release of vacation pay and preparing records of employment
  • add employee benefits 
  • input payroll entries with project allocations 
  • remit payroll deductions and company contributions to Canada Revenue Agency
  • remit WSIB premiums 
  • print T4 slips
  • set up the necessary accounts for working in a  foreign currency 
  • set up import duty
  • work with exchange rates  & foreign currency
  • create foreign currency vendors and customers 
  • charge interest on overdue customer accounts 
  • prepare customer statements 
  • record NSF cheques and account for bad debts 
  • clear customer and vendor transactions & make customers and vendors inactive
  • remit HST
  • customize journal windows
  • print labels 
  • send e-mail to customers/vendors 
  • export records  work with Sage 50 Forms Designer
  • work with time and billing

Admissions Requirement

Minimum 19 years of age or minimum out of school for a year.


Offered at both Kelowna and Surrey campus.


Contact Focus College for pricing.


25 hours of classroom instruction plus exercises and project.

  • Sage 50 PREMIUM Accounting 2017, Isbn: 978-1-55332-512-3

  • Computer with Internet access & Sage50 2017

  • On campus delivery through lectures, demonstrations, group work and hands-on training.
  • Students are required to maintain 100% attendance throughout the program.
  • In order to graduate, students must pass all units through the program with a grade of 70% or higher.
  • Students are recommend to have a minimum of 2-3 hours of self study per day for this course.
  • Student progress is monitored weekly through assignments, quizzes, projects and tests. Final assessment is conducted at the end of the course for each program. 
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