Student Parking

Security & Safety

During events of extreme weather and road safety hazardous conditions, Focus College will inform all employees, students and visitors of the closure of institute operations by posting this information on the website.

Any motor vehicle parked, operated, or driven on any Focus College campus are solely at the risk of the owner and the operator. Focus College is not liable for any damage to any motor vehicle contents, operator, or any other persons.

To help prevent theft from vehicles, please ensure that valuables are not left in vehicles or are locked in the trunk. Even better, leave valuables at home.

Kelowna Campus Parking

Parking in front of the campus is limited and only available on a first come first serve basis. We encourage students to find paid parking in the vicinity. If there are circumstances that need to be accommodated please contact the campus.

Surrey Campus Parking

There is lots of onsite and street parking available for students. Handicap parking is marked appropriately.

Kelowna Campus

Surrey Campus

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